Product Realization Lab: The Product Realization Lab has the state-of- the-art fabrication equipment and enables students and faculty members from varied disciplines to work on their proof of concepts and build prototypes. With simple lab protocol, the facility’s extensive collection includes an array of equipment and machines in the Mechanical and in the Electronics section. This list keeps getting upgraded as per the requirement of the various project activities. From 3D printers to the Wood Router from ShopBot and a medley of power and hand tools include additive and subtractive devices, lathes and cutting machines, hammers, spanners and files, they all prove essential to work at solutions for a resource-constrained setting.

Heavy metal fabrication units: A supplementary facility has been set up for heavy metal fabrication. This is meant to support the Centre’s projects in the Energy and Waste Management domains, and to accelerate the prototyping and product development process. Another sophisticated equipment lab is housed specially for the requirements in Healthcare and Food & Agriculture projects. The activities include organic mushroom farming, gasifier research, jaggery setup, cotton stalk research, coco-bean fermentation research and other food-related activities. An integrated waste management facility is to house all the waste management projects at the Centre using the campus as a test bed.

Sophisticated Instruments